TomTom – not quite ready for Vancouver

Written by  on January 18, 2007 

As I was trying desperately to make it to dinner on time in Vancouver, I turned on my trusty TomTom GO 910 and plotted my way to Banana Leaf restaurant….

First mistake – not listen to my co-worker when he said it’s at 3005 W Broadway in Kitsiliano.  That was 5:55pm.

Second mistake – allowing TomTom to use its point of interest list to send me to the 850 W Broadway. At this point, I have already parked my car, paid $4 worth of parking to find out I went to the WRONG restaurant. Timecheck: 6:30pm

Third mistake – allowing TomTom to guide me to 3005 W Broadway in Kitsiliano!  In TomTom’s brilliance, it decided that 3005 W Broadway = 3005 Broadway = 3005 Broadway E.  That’s about 6000 house numbers away from the restaurant, and about 2 minute from the Burnaby office (that I originated from).  Frustrated and mad, I check the clock, 6:55pm.  I reluctuntly called my collegue at the restaurant, embrassed, and said I will pick them up at the restaurant to the hotel instead of eating with them.

Finally… punching 3005 Broadway E. in Kitsiliano took me to the restaurant I wanted.  Timecheck: 7:40pm.  Did I bother to pay for parking until 8pm?  Nope… nor did I care enough to do so.

Lesson of the day – trust your instinct and your friends while driving in Vancouver.  Unlike the commercial, I am not going to ask “TomTom, where’s W Broadway” again!

(TomTom will be getting a nasto-gram from me very very soon…  this isn’t the first bad direction I got)

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