Lenovo and UPS Shipping, day 1

Written by  on May 14, 2010 

So I have bite the bullet and ordered a new Lenovo T410 for my own business use. It has been 3 weeks in the queue and I was eagerly waiting for it to arrive, except it didn’t. Two weeks after the build date, I got a notification that it is being shipped with UPS. I immediately cringe in pain – remembering all the times UPS has messed up my shipment, I was dreading this.

Last Friday (May 7) – got the note that the machine shipped. Checked Lenovo’s website and saw no tracking information.

Monday May 10 – still nothing on the website.

Tuesday May 11 – nada.

Thursday May 13 – I got tired of waiting – I called Lenovo and the lady was helpful enough to dig up the tracking number for me. Why couldn’t they just post it on the site or sent it to by e-mail? The machine was delivered to Canada and just cleared customs. I called UPS and made sure I can hold the package at the depot in case I am not home.

Friday May 14 – It was suppose to come. Knowing I am working I anticipated this shipment to be “missed”, I would call UPS and tell them to hold the machine at the depot. They changed their tune and said that the package cannot be held and cannot be redirected at all! The lady was calm but told me to call Lenovo to change the shipping information. By the time I called Lenovo, it was 6:10 and they closed 10 minutes ago. Argh!

I didn’t want to use an alternate address because in case I wasn’t at home (which generally is the case during a business day), I wouldn’t be able to go to the depot and prove my address and pick up the machine. This is now a moot point as I can’t even get the machine. How do you think I am going to get this machine given the fact no one is home to sign for it, and you can’t pick it up from the depot that is 40km from my location? They said if no one signs in 3 attempt, it gets sent back.

Wait for my day 2 story on Monday. Lenovo – expect a phone call from a grumpy guy who is waiting for his laptop!

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