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Save money on your local home phone service

Written by  on December 1, 2009

Came across TekSavvy during my search for high speed internet, and ended up with getting their home phone service. I am a cheapskate, so I had to calculate the costs of switching from Bell to TekSavvy.

Cost of a basic Bell phone line: $29.32
$22.95, plus $2.80 for touchtone, $0.19 for 911, and $3.38 in taxes

Cost of a TekSavvy phone line: $25.18 (plus one-time $25 transfer charge)
$22.28, plus $2.90 in taxes

If Bell didn’t raise their prices next month, it would take me 7 months to break even. With their ever-greedy attitude on land line services, a basic line will cost $31.57 starting next month. The only difference with TekSavvy – no Bell!

Alan has no affiliation with TekSavvy or make any money on referral. Though he wish such scheme exists. The service practically sells itself!