Afro-centric School in Toronto? A giant step back in equality.

Written by  on January 17, 2008 

The idea of having a Afro-Centric high school being built in Toronto absolutely scares me. I know they have schools for the LGBT community because they are vulnerable, but an afro-centric school? Are we going to now run chinese-centric school because they learn better, or indian-centric school because of the need to accommodate their religion? We live in a multicultural society – not only are we learning how to tolerate each other for who/what they are, but learning to embrace and enrich each other’s live experiences for their cultural diversity. Running special assemblies, creating special credit courses, or having special groups to help cultures in trouble fitting into the school system is the correct way to deal with any issues students are running into. Running a culture-centric school is no better than what happen in USA 40 years ago!

We can’t regress on all the work we have done so far to bring diversity to Canada! Diversity is something we learn by growing up with our friends.

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  1. Christine says:

    I too have mixed feelings on this matter. It is quite hard to say how this will shape or mold the children of the future. What is scary is that council believes that this is a good idea. How can this be good ? What does it prove ? Why segregate ? Are colleges and universities to follow suit ? How do you determine who is allowed to attend this highschool ? And what happens when s shooting, rape, or stabbing, happens at that school ? Where do you point the finger now ? Personally I think this is a horrible idea, and I am not for it.

    To play devils advocate.. a new school creates 15 – 20 new jobs … (but what colour works at that school ???)

  2. FrankDD says:

    A growing number of parents distruss the public system because of the gaggle of govt employees determining what the students are leaning.

    Private schools are just an extension of that worry